femoral artery embolectomy  
femoral artery embolectomy เป็นการผ่าตัดอะไร direct cutdown over either the common femoral artery with proximal and distal control of the major branches.

- the femoral artery is exposed through a longitudinal incision in the groin, curved slightly laterally and extended distally in the line of the saphenous vein.

After administration of iv heparin

- the artery is identified in all proximal and distal control

- the snare around the artery is lifted and an arterial clamp is gently applied.


- transverse arteriotomy

- longitudinal arteriotomy


- balloon embolectomy catheter are passed proximally and distally until no visible thrombus is removed and a pulse or backflow is established.

following extraction of all posible thrombus

- 100 ml of heparin-saline solution (heparin 5,000 units + NSS 500 ml) should be injected into the femoral arteriotomy at proximal and distal control.

- pinching the artery with finger and thumb.

completion of angiography  
closure of arteriotomy

- The femoral artery is then closed with interrupted 4/0 polypropylene sutures, following repeated flushing of downflow from the iliac artery to make sure that further static thrombus has not developed during clearance of the distal vessels.