CT imaging of the chest wall tumor  

benign rib tumor

malignant rib tumor

benign rib tumor  


- punctuate or floccuolent calcification with a mineralized hyaline cartilage cap. The cortex and medullary space blend into underlying bone.

** the dense calcification of the tumor

fibrous dysplasia

- a trabeculated, expansile lesion with soap[ bubble or ground glass center and thinning cortex

** typical-appering fibrous dysplasia as expansile lesion

** the expansile and amorphous nature on CT


- punctate calcifications of the matrix and scalloping of th cortex

** calcification within the mass

osteoid osteoma

- a small (< 1 cm) radiolucent lesion, termed a nidus, with a thick sclerotic margin of reactive bone


- left-sided elastofibroma with left shoulder mass

malignant rib tumor  
metastatic chest wall tumor

- lung SCC invading the 5th and 6th ribs : invasion from adjacent malignancies or metastases are more common than primary malignancy chest wall tumors


- a lobulated mass of soft tissu eattenuation with dense calcification

** the prominent chondroid matrix mineralization with mottled calcification

** dense calcification within the mass


- large, heterogeneous mass with areas of bony destruction

** osteosarcoma involving the sternum

Ewing sarcoma

- Ewing sarcoma invading 3rd and 4th ribs

desmoid tumor

- variable nondescript appearance, depending on the amout of collagen content, but generally with similar enhancement to muscle

** locally recurrent desmoid tumor involving the left chest wall